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Supplier Companies

Kam Pharmacy Wholesale imports medical products and devices from suppliers 
based in the UK, Canada, the Middle East and several Asian countries. All our suppliers meet international quality standards.

Kam Pharmacy Wholesale is an authorized distributor for the following companies:

Kam Industries Ltd, Nairobi
Kam Industries
Kam Industries is a local manufacturer of disinfectants and chemicals for use in hospitals, healthcare facilities, hotels, salons and other commercial entities. 

Top Glove, Malaysia
Top Glove

Top Glove is one of the largest manufacturers of gloves globally. Its product portfolio includes latex, nitrile and vinyl examination gloves as well as surgical and industrial gloves. It supplies to 195+ countries.

A&D Company, Japan


A&D Company is a manufacturer of advanced measuring, monitoring, controlling and testing instruments including blood-pressure monitors, body mass index (BMI) scales, thermometers and other diagnostic tools. A&D has factories in Japan, China, Korea and Australia and is certified under ISO 9000 quality standards. 

Guest Medical, UK
Guest Medical
Guest Medical is a manufacturer of disinfection products. It supplies the UK National Health Service and other private clients. It is accredited to International Quality Assurance Standard, BS:EN ISO 9001:2008. Its products include the chlorine disinfection tablets; Oasis and Haz Tabs.
WRP, Malaysia


WRP is among the leading manufacturers of gloves and balloon catheters. Its brands include Comfit, Dermagrip and Foley Cath. WRP meets stringent international quality standards with ISO 9001, CE, EN, FDA QSR certification

Sumbow Medical Instruments, China

Sumbow is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of medical disposables and equipment. It exports to over 60 countries and has attained CE and ISO13485 certification.

Pharmaceutical Solutions Industries, Saudi Arabia

PSI produces sterile intravenous solutions, infusions, containers, medical devices and other pharmaceutical products. It is the leading manufacturer of sterile solutions in the Middle-East and North Africa region. PSI follows Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO standards. 

GlucoPlus, Canada


GlucoPlus manufactures a blood glucose monitoring system and other diabetic and diagnostic products in Montreal, Canada. It also distributes Loris disinfectant wipes and Teco products.